Contaminant Nutrient Interaction Issues as part of a Public Health Intervention Study of Inuit Children in Nunavik

The present study has been conducted since 2006 as part of the Nutrition Program in Nunavik Childcare Centres which aims to provide healthy meals rich in iron and containing country/traditional foods and selected market foods. Blood contaminant levels (heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants), dietary intakes and nutritional status (fatty acids, vitamins A, E, D, B12, folate, selenium and iron) are measured at recruitment and twelve months later for each participating child. Data collection took place between 2006-2010, while some statistical analyses were carried out in 2011-2012. Key findings of the study have been communicated to the Nunavik Nutrition and Health Committee (NNHC) in 2013-2014. Children who consumed traditional food had significantly higher intakes of proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and many vitamins and minerals than non-consumers. Lead, PCB 153, PBDE 47, PFOS and PFOA were detected in all samples at recruitment. PBDE 47, 99 and 100 were more prevalent and detected at higher levels than in Nunavimmiut adults. Thirteen percent of participants had values equal to, or exceeding the blood guidance value for methylmercury (8 &#956;g/L), or were above the PCB level of concern (5 &#956;g/L). Between 32% and 68% of the participating children did not meet the daily servings recommended in the Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating, depending on the food group examined. A high proportion of the participants had inadequate intakes for several nutrients. Moreover, a suboptimal nutritional status was observed in a large proportion of participants, with 65% of them having a low serum vitamin D level (<75 nmol/L 25(OH)D) and 50% suffering from iron deficiency. An inverse association was found between children's iron status and blood lead levels. In regression models, tomato products and dietary calcium intake had a protective effect against mercury and lead exposure, respectively.

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