Sex in Nederland II 1981 Sex in the Netherlands II 1981

Insight into attitudes and behaviour of adults and youth concerning several aspects of sexuality/ changes in attitudes during past 13 years by replication of same survey held in 1968. Free purchase of pornography / sexual feelings of children and how to react to them / birth-control / contraceptives / youth and contraceptives / at what age is sex between boy and girl allowed / abortion/ who should finally decide on it / masturbation / love at first sight / premarital sex / marriage with little or no sex / sex outside marriage / men or women have greater need for sex / marriage and children / homosexuality / r's youth/ relation with father, mother/ r's opinion on marriage of parents/ attitudes of parents towards sexuality / r ever physically attracted to someone of same sex / r ever deeply in love / types of premarital sexual contacts / first sexual intercourse at what age/ what kind of relation with first sexual partner / knowledge and use of contraceptives at first sexual intercourse / frequency of sexual intercourse / measure of satisfaction during last sexual intercourse/ satisfaction of partner / use of contraceptive during last sexual intercourse / r ever has sexual fantasies, when / sexual contacts with friends, other men, women / was r ever involved in swapping. Background variables: basic characteristics/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ education/ social class/ politics/ religion

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