NIPO weekpeilingen 1992 NIPO opinion polls 1992

Data derived from weekly public opinion polls in the Netherlands in 1992 concerning social and political issues. Samples were drawn from the Dutch population aged 18 years and older.

All data from the surveys held between 1962 and 2000 are available in the DANS data collections.

Background variables: Sex / age / religion / income / vote recall latest elections / party preference / level of education / union membership / professional status / left-right rating / party alignment / province / degree of urbanization / weight factor.

Topical variables: n9205: Type of medical insurance / Whether respondent heard about the announced changes in the medical insurance system / Expected change in income due to this changes in the medical insurance system / Respondent's opinion about the visit of prime-minister Lubbers and minister of foreign affairs Van den Broek to South-Africa / Familiarity with the names of 11 insurance companies. n9206: Whether respondent is living in Amsterdam / Frequency of visiting the center of Amsterdam / Means of conveyance when respondent is going to the center of Amsterdam / Voting intention at the coming referendum about the traffic- and parking problems in the center of Amsterdam / Whether respondent is an advocate or an opponent of a referendum in general / Voting intention if there might be a referendum about the changes in the medical insurance system / Respondent's type of medical insurance. n9207: Whether respondent is familiar with the plans of André van der Louw for a new social democratic party / Whether respondent should vote on such a new party / Whether respondent should prefer a private disability insurance if the Disablement Insurance Act payments decrease / Respondents opinion about a limited social security system / Whether respondent expects ever to appeal to a social security payment. n9209: National anthem "Wilhelmus" / Knowing the words, singing / Pride in being Dutch / Present and preferred leadership of the social-democratic party / Whether respondent ever voted for the social democratic party / Continuation of the present coalition after the next parliamentary elections or preference for a new coalition. n9210: Preferred political leader / Feelings of sympathy for fifteen specifically named politicians / Respondent's voting behaviour in the past / Future voting behaviour of respondent. n9211: Satisfaction about international organizations like the European Community, NATO, United Nations / The NATO membership of the Netherlands / NATO membership of former members of the Warsaw Pact like Russia, Poland and Czechoslovakia / Role of the Upper Chamber of the Parliament. n9212: Respondent's ideas about the vanishing of communism in Russia / Whether respondent feels familiar with the Christian, Socialist or Liberal denomination in politics / Quality of the welfare state. n9214: Knowledge of party conference of PvdA / Expectations on well-being of social democratic party / Who has been elected new chairman of PvdA / who has been elected new vice-chairman of PvdA / Ever voted for PvdA / Will ever vote for PvdA / What about the idea of a new social democratic party? / Respondent's idea about developments in level of social security payments. n9216: Voting behaviour parliamentary elections 1989 / Respondent satisfied with political party voted for at latest Parliamentary elections 1989 / Preferred items on the parliamentary agenda: environment / Defense budget / Housing / Unemployment / Cuts in government expenditures / Crime / Discrimination / Immigration / Traffic / Public transport / Respondent's opinion about, interest in Tweede Kamer / Suggestions to improve work of Parliament for the public / Interest in attending meetings of Parliament / Importance of work in Parliament / Work of Parliament on TV interesting. n9219: Recent strikes and whether respondent was bothered by it / Which union most responsible for strikes / Employers who don't discuss enough about demands of unions also responsible for strikes / Respondent choosing side of people on strike or employers / Right to strike for the police, the railways, bus, tram, subway, hospitals, dairy factories, and the Post Office. n9220: Respondent's income situation / Whether respondent has an additional income / Whether respondent is getting a social security benefit / Satisfaction with income / Effect of 1 percent income reduction. n9222: Limitation of the Disablement Insurance Act / Whether the present coalition will stay on till the elections of 1993 and whether respondent prefers the continuation of the present coalition till that time / Preferred political leader of list of 15 named persons. n9225: Which political party is having the most competent administrators / Respondent's personal experience with politicians / Whether respondent ever visited a political meeting / Membership of a political party / Respondent's interest in politics / Whether respondent is qualified to vote. n9226: Convention of Maastricht concerning the development of the European Community / Replacement of Dutch guilder by the ECU / Replacement of national banks by one central European bank / Expectations concerning the execution of the plans of the Maastricht Convention. n9229: Left-right scaling of opinions about a number of social problems and respondent's own opinion about those problems: junks in railway stations / Cuts on unemployment benefits / Curing or punishing sexual criminals / Care about pollution / Living next to immigrants / Euthanasia / Treating homosexuals / Working with ethnic minorities / Death penalty for serious crimes / Equal treatment of both sexes. n9232: Vote recall / Ever voted for PvdA, KVP, VVD, CDA, D66 / Voting intention Parliamentary elections of 1994 / When voting for particular person necessary : who? / Membership of a political party. n9234: Frequency of watching television / Respondent's opinion about TV personalities: a list of 50 TV personalities was shown. n9239: Whether respondent listened to the Queen's Speech via radio or TV / Whether respondent understood the presentation of the government policy / Respondent's expectations concerning the national economy, employment, social security / Respondent's personal financial situation / Necessity of the government's retrenchments / Respondent's opinion about the government policy in general / Whether the present coalition should resign or stay on. n9241: Overpopulation in the Netherlands and worldwide / Measures against overpopulation: birth-control / Birth-control in poor areas / Free contraceptives / Education on agriculture / Emigration / No immigration foreign labour force / "tax" on more than two children. n9247: Law against smoking in public places in France / Preference for introduction of a similar law in the Netherlands / Fines for breaking anti-smoking law / Expectations concerning compliance with such a law in the Netherlands / Whether respondent is smoking or ever smoked for a longer period. n9248: Expectations for 1993 concerning: respondent's personal life, strikes, labour conflicts, international conflicts, a third world war, number of unemployed in the Netherlands, economic situation in the Netherlands , and respondent's financial situation .

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