Early Holocene methane records from Siple Dome, Antarctica, supplement to: Yang, Ji-Woong; Ahn, Jinho; Brook, Edward J; Ryu, Yeongjun (2017): Atmospheric methane control mechanisms during the early Holocene. Climate of the Past, 13(9), 1227-1242


Below we present the early Holocene discrete CH4 dataset from Siple Dome (SDMA), Antarctica, measured at Oregon State University (OSU) and Seoul National University (SNU) by discrete wet extraction technique. Analytical method is described in Grachev et al. (2009, doi:10.1029/2008GB003330) and Mitchell et al. (2011, doi:10.1029/2010JG001441) for OSU data, and Yang et al. (2017) for SNU data. SDMA CH4 composite record was constructed by combining OSU data for 7.6 - 9.0 ka and SNU data for 9.0 - 11.6 ka to maximize temporal resolution. SDMA gas chronology was synchronized to Greenland Ice Core Chronology 2005 (GICC05) scale. For detailed description on synchronization and age uncertainty please refer to Yang et al. (2017).

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