RR Lyrae stars from the PS1 3{pi} survey (Sesar+, 2017)

Building on the work by Hernitschek+ (2016, J/ApJ/817/73), in this paper, we use the final PS1 data release (PV3) to significantly increase the completeness and purity of the PS1 sample of RR Lyrae stars. Pan-STARRS1 (PS1; Kaiser+ 2010, see II/349) is a wide-field optical/near-IR survey telescope system located at the Haleakala Observatory on the island of Maui in Hawai'i. The largest survey undertaken by the telescope, the PS1 3{pi} survey (Chambers K.C. 2011, BAAS, 43, 113.01), has observed the entire sky north of decl. -30{deg} in five filter bands, reaching 5{sigma} single-epoch depths of about 22.0, 22.0, 21.9, 21.0, and 19.8mag in g_P1_, r_P1_, i_P1_, z_P1_, and y_P1_ bands, respectively. The uncertainty in photometric calibration of the survey is <~0.01mag, and the astrometric precision of single-epoch detections is 10mas.

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