Ice Mass Balance Buoys - ArcticNet 2010 - Southern Beaufort Sea

The sea ice mass balance systems remotely measure physical properties of the floe in which they are installed as well as some basic meteorological variables and geographic position. The system consists of a temperature dowel containing thermistors positioned at 10 cm intervals from the top of the floe, upward- (from below) and downward- (from above) looking sonic range finders which measure the change in sea ice volume at the installation site, 2m air temperature, barometric pressure at the surface and GPS position. Each of these instruments is logged to a Campbell Scientific data logger and transmitted to a remote logging computer at CEOS in Winnipeg, MB via iridium satellite modem communication. One ice-mass balance buoys was successfully deployed during the 2010 ArcticNet field season; one in the Beaufort Sea Pack Ice. The unit ceased to communicate via Iridum in early October; however, we are eagerly awaiting the passage of winter as IMBs deployed in 2009 came back to life when temperatures rose in the spring time. It is not clear why this occured, but we suspect a combination of temperature & humidity conditions may be responsible.

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Creator David Babb;Ryan Galley;David Barber
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Spatial Coverage (70N-74N,130W-115W)
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