(Table T1) Radioelement concentration and radiogenic heat production of ODP Holes 173-1067A and 173-1068A, supplement to: Louden, Keith E; Whitmarsh, Robert B; Mareschal, Jean-Claude (2000): Data report: Measurements of radiogenic heat production on basement samples from Sites 1067 and 1068. In: Beslier, M-O; Whitmarsh, RB; Wallace, PJ; Girardeau, J (eds.) Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 173, 1-4


Mean values of radiogenic heat production are derived from measurements of radioelements on the following rock types: amphibolite (0.358 ± 0.118 µW/m3) and tonalite gneiss (0.802 ± 0.039 µW/m3) at Site 1067 and serpentinized peridotite (0.0108 ± 0.0003 µW/m**3) at Site 1068. The results for serpentinized peridotite and amphibolite are consistent with previous measurements on samples from Sites 897 and 900. These results suggest that the thin continental crust in this region would contribute very little to the conductive heat flow.

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