Chemical composition of Black Sea bottom sediments, supplement to: Baturin, Gleb N (2011): Geochemistry of sapropel in the Black Sea. Translated from Geokhimiya, 2011, 49(5), 556-560, Geochemistry International, 49(5), 531-535


Concentrations of major-, trace- and rare earth elements in recent and Old Black Sea bottom sediments are reported in the paper. Data presented suggest that accumulation of black shale deposits was not constrained to a certain time span but proceeds in certain modern basins and generates sediments with metal contents close to those in their ancients analogues in hydrogen sulfide contaminated environments. If REE are involved in the process, their composition can vary depending on such factors as variations in redox conditions and occurrence of phosphate and barite nodules, which can induce development of either positive or negative Eu anomalies.

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