(Table 1, page 258) Chemical composition of 24 concentric layers inside manganese nodule DH9-9 from the Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Piper, David Z; Williamson, M E (1981): Mineralogy and composition of concentric layers within a manganese nodule from the North Pacific Ocean. Marine Geology, 40(3-4), 255-268


The minor-element composition of concentric layers within a single ferromanganese nodule from the eastern North Pacific exhibits strong correlations with Fe and Mn contents but appears to be independent of pronounced mineralogic variations. On the basis of these correlations, the elemental composition of individual layers apparently is controlled by the relative contribution of two sources: seawater, and interstitial water of associated sediment. In contrast, the mineralogy of the nodule, consisting of birnessite in the outer few layers and todorokite in the inner layers, is considered to be a function of nodule diagenesis.

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