Gemeente-enquete Ede 1993 - VSO v2 Municipal survey city of Ede 1993 - VSO v2


Opinion of the inhabitants of Ede about various aspects of living in Ede: municipal service, safety, traffic and transport, leisure time spending, time budgeting. Contacted the citizen service of the town hall during last year / ( satisfied with ) opening hours / alternative opening hours / desirability of availability of citizen service in sub-areas of Ede/ criteria for those service: housing, costs, ready-while-you-wait service / citizen service compared to service of post office / victimization in the last 12 months, informing of those crimes / perceived number of crimes in own quarter / perceived chance to become victim of crime in own quarter / measures to protect oneself against crimes / more-less attention should be paid to specific sorts of crime / number of cars in household / drivers licence, seasons-ticket for public transport / use of public transport / kind of transport used in daily life / decrease of car-use, willing to not using a car in certain daily life circumstances / measures to decrease own use of car / municipal measures to decrease use of cars / improvements on public transport and use of bicycle / quarter without cars / parking in the centre of Ede / last visit in Ede: time spend on finding a parking place / parking problems are cause of less visits to Ede centre / influence of raising parking taxes / number of leisure time activities in the last 12 months/ on which location / hindrances to participate in leisure time activities / enough possibilities for leisure time spending, time budgeting. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ place of work/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ politics/ religion/ consumption of durables

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