Geochemical and biogeochemical parameters of Black Sea waters and suspended matter, supplement to: Bezborodov, A A; Eremeev, Valery N (1993): Chernoe More. Zona Vzaimodeistviya Aerobnykh i Anaerobnykh Vod (Black Sea. The Oxic-Anoxic Interface). Marine Hydrophysical Institute (Sevastopol), 299 pp


The monograph focuses on the analysis of data addressing the problem of H2S contamination and oxic-anoxic interface in the Black Sea. Regularities of the fine structure of vertical distribution of oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, biogenic elements, organic substances, suspended matter, and metals of the iron-manganese group in the area of contact of aerobic and anaerobic waters have been revealed. Also effects of biochemical, physico-chemical and dynamic processes on their vertical distribution have been examined. Sulfate reduction in seawater and bottom sediments has been studied. Quantitative estimates of H2S fluxes at the water - bottom sediment and O2-H2S interfaces have been done. Features of H2S oxidation have been studied, its budget in the Black Sea has been calculated. Multiyear spatial-temporal variability of the oxic-anoxic interface has been investigated.

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