Functionele ongeletterdheid in Nederland 1990 Functional illiteracy in the Netherlands 1990

Nature and extent of adult illiteracy among the Dutch, Moroccan, Surinam end Turkish population in the Netherlands. 1. Native country / age at which r. came to the Netherlands / whether r. ever went back to his-her native country for a period longer than 6 months / education in the Netherlands, Surinam, Morocco, Turkey / whether r. is attending any classes / 2. Speaking and understanding of the Dutch language: importance of speaking Dutch in different situations/ frequency and ability of speaking Dutch/ ability to understand Dutch / 3. Writing and reading: absenteeism at the elementary school in the Netherlands/ whether r. got extra lessons in reading/ satisfaction with reading lessons/ whether r. was a good, an average or a weak pupil / language in which r. learned to read and to write/ language r. is using most frequently for writing and reading/ following classes to improve writing in Dutch/ whether r. is familiar with the recently developed type of adult education: 'basic education' ( basis educatie ) / interest in this type of adult education / 4. Writing and reading skills ( readings tests ) / writing - and reading ability of figures and words: frequency and importance / writing - and reading ability of instructions for use: frequency and importance / reading ability of fiction and its importance / reading ability of short-extensive advertisements, short-extensive announcements, short-extensive official letters, and public information: importance and frequency / reading ability of tv - and film subtitles: frequency and importance.

Background variables: basic characteristics/ place of birth/ residence/ housing situation/ occupation/employment/ education

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