Simulated cosmic volume - dynamo amplification

This is one subset (300^3 cells) derived from a larger 1024^3 cosmological MHD simulation produced using ENZO on Piz-Daint (CSCS) by F.Vazza& collaborators. In these "dynamo" models we impose a negligibly small initial seed field, and allow for the small-scale dynamo amplification of magnetic fields, based on the amount of solenoidal turbulence measured at run-time. The run is non-radiative. These dataset are extracted around a massive cluster at z=0, and give gas density, Dark Matter density, temperature and magnetic field components in cgs units [g/cm^3, K and Gauss]. Each cell has a comoving size of 83.3 kpc. The data are written in HDF5 format ( We additionally provide also .fits maps of the X and Z projection across the box, showing the volume weighted mean density, DM density, temperature, |B| and Bz. For more details on the simulations please refer to Vazza et al. 2017 CQG ( For parent models with primordial seeding models and non-radiative gas physics see

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