(Table T1) Carbon contents, alkenone concentrations, alkenone unsaturation index, and SST in sediments of ODP Leg 190 sites, supplement to: Yamamoto, Masanobu (2004): Data report: Organic carbon and alkenone sea-surface temperature from Sites 1175, 1176, and 1178, Nankai Trough. In: Mikada, H; Moore, GF; Taira, A; Becker, K; Moore, JC; Klaus, A (eds.) Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 190/196, 1-10


We have preliminarily generated the downcore records of total organic carbon (TOC) content, total alkenone concentration, alkenone unsaturation index, and the estimated sea-surface temperature (SST) in the northern three sites (Sites 1175, 1176, and 1178) of the Muroto Transect, Nankai Trough. The TOC content will be used for the evaluation of the burial of organic matter, which plays a role in the generation of natural gas and the formation of gas hydrate in this region. The downcore records of alkenone SST will benefit studies for the paleoceanography of the northwestern Pacific. Because those sites are located in the main path of the Kuroshio Current, the records provide the temperature change of the Kuroshio water, which is an end-member water mass in the northwestern Pacific.

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