Composition and age of rocks from the H. Miller Seamount (Marie Byrd Mounts, Amundsen Sea), supplement to: Kurentsova, Natalia A; Udintsev, Gleb B; Teterin, Dmitry E; Roshchina, I A (2008): Geology of the Hubert Miller Seamount, Marie Byrd Seamounts Province, Amundsen Sea, West Antarctic. Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya, No 5, 3-11


This work is devoted to results of the joint Russian-German geodynamic studies carried out in the West Antarctic (areas of the Amundsen Sea, the Southern Ocean, the Marie Byrd Seamounts, and the foot of the Marie Byrd Land continental slope) during cruises 18/5a and 23/4 of R/V Polarstern in 2001 and 2006. Material collected on the Hubert Miller Seamount (Marie Byrd Seamounts) attests to relict continental appearance of rocks. This suggests heterogeneity of the Amundsen Sea floor and its formation through a spatiotemporal combination of destruction of the continental crust, progressive thalassogenesis (oceanization-taphrogenesis), and rifting, as opposed to spreading origin. High post-consolidation mobility during the destruction stage led to areal dismembering and high permeability of the continental crust, as well as tectonomagmatic activation. The main process during re-working of the continental crust is its magmatic substitution by mantle-derived basic-ultrabasic material with subsequent formation of the secondary oceanic crust and preservation of relics of the continental crust. Endogenic activity of the Earth was driven by transmagmatic fluids, which were supplied from the liquid core and caused transformation of the Earth's crust and mantle.

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