Ecological monitoring of large terrestrial carnivores (wolverines, wolves and grizzly bears) in Nunavut, 2010-2013 (NGMP ID EC10)

The data that was collected included: 1. Carcass collection information: a) Information on animal: (i) year (ii) species (iii) community (iv) ID (v) kill date (vi) GPS coordinates (vii) kill site name (viii) sex (ix) age b) Hunter's survey: (i) population trends (ii) number of individuals encountered (iii) hunter's comments. 2. Carcass Necropsy data: (i) carcass weight (ii) presence of feet/legs (iii) estimated total weight (iv) carcass length (v) chest girth (vi) neck girth (vii) skull length (viii) condylobasal length (ix) zygomatic length (x) femur length (xi) sternal fat weight (xii) omental fat weight (xiii) kidney weight (xiv) kidney fat weight (xv) reproductive stage (xvi) comments. 3. Samples collected on carcass: (i) head muscle (ii) ear cartilage (iii) liver (iv) fur (v) tooth (vi) stomach (vii) reproductive organs (viii) tongue (ix) lung. 4. Stomach analysis: (i) stomach weight (ii) content weight (iii) condition of content, (iv) item description (v) item weight (vi) item species (vii) parasites species (viii) parasite weight. 5. Stable Isotopes Analysis: (i) tissue, (ii) replicate (iii) sample weight (iv) carbon signature (d13C) (v) nitrogen signature (d15N) (vi) percent carbon (%C) (vii) percent nitrogen (%N) (vii) carbon to nitrogen ratio (C/N). 6. Interview data: (i) hunter's personal background (ii) large carnivore's biology & ecology (iii) historical and current distribution (vi) dietary patterns (v) environmental changes and threats (vi) socio-cultural importance of large carnivores for hunters. 7. Mapping data: (i) hunting range (ii) wildlife distribution (iii) large carnivores distribution & hot spots.

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Creator Berteaux, Dominique; L'Hérault, Vincent; Awan, Malik; Lecomte, Nicolas; Parlee, Brenda; Szor, Guillaume
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
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Publication Year 2017
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Spatial Coverage (-115.093W, 61.108S, -81.237E, 69.536N)
Temporal Coverage Begin 2010-11-01T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2013-05-31T00:00:00Z