(Table 1) Dominant species and total biomass of macrozoobenthos communities in the southwestern Kara Sea, supplement to: Kozlovskiy, V V; Chikina, M V; Kucheruk, Nikita V; Basin, A B (2011): Structure of the macrozoobenthic communities in the southwestern Kara Sea. Oceanology, 51(6), 1012-1020


The structure and distribution of the macrobenthic communities were studied in the southwestern Kara Sea. The material was collected in Baidaratskaya Bay in July 2007 and in a section running westward of the Yamal Peninsula in September 2007. The depths of the sampling stations ranged from 5 to 25 m in the Baidaratskaya Bay area and between 16 and 46 m in the Yamal section. A total of 212 benthic invertebrate species were recorded. In both areas, Bivalvia was the group with the highest biomass (54.88 g/m2 in the Yamal section and 59.71 g/m2 in the Baidaratskaya Bay area), while polychaetes were the group with the highest number of species (45 in the Yamal section and 64 the Baidaratskaya Bay area). Three major macrozoobenthic communities were recognized: the Astarte borealis community (20-46 m, the deepest sampling stations in both areas); the 'medium-depth' community (10-20 m, extremely mosaic, usually dominated by Serripes groenlandicus); and the Nephtys longosetosa community (depth smaller than 10 m, characterized by low biomass and the absence of large bivalves and echinoderms). The western Yamal shallow-water communities were shown to be generally similar to those of Baidaratskaya Bay. The comparison of these results with those of the benthos censuses performed in 1927-1945, 1975, and 1993 showed that the benthic communities in the southwestern Kara Sea remained relatively stable during the second half of the 20th century and the early 21st century.

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