Wetland dynamics within the Northeast region of Iceland in response to recent climate change and human impact

In June 2014, the peatlands located in the vicinity of Hjálmarvík, Kúðá, Skiða and Bægisstaðir (old secondary farms) were studied and sampled. Geomatics data were recorded with a DGPS base/mobile Leica GS08+ for fine mapping of the sites. Many floristic inventories were conducted to characterize the current vegetation. A Russian peat corer was used to extract cores from peatlands. The collected material was used for macrofossil analysis and radiocarbon dating at the Laboratories of Centre d'études nordiques. In July 2015, lakes located at the sites Kúðá and Skiða were studied and sampled. Their physico-chemical parameters were determined using YSI 650 MDS probe for temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and using a secchi disc for turbidity. The lakes sediments sampled using a piston corer were intended for various analyses including diatoms, grain size, loss-in-ignition, geochemistry and radiocarbon dating.

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