Lake communities and ecosystems: National Park Service Alaska Region Inventory & Monitoring Program

1) Seasonal and decadal scale changes in lake levels and water temperatures, which affect fish habitat, will be monitored with sensors. 2) We will analyze the chemical attributes (e.g. chlorophyll-a, anions, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and salinity) of lakes because they determine lake productivity, species composition, and sensitivity to acidification and contaminants. 3) Other indicators of lake ecosystem health, such as the structure and diversity of phytoplankton and zooplankton communities, will be analyzed from water and mesh net sample collections. 4) In order to document change in shoreline habitat, we will use aerial and panoramic photography to estimate the extent of shoreline erosion and slumping. Riparian habitat will also be assessed along designated transects.

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Spatial Coverage (-169.000W, 53.000S, -141.000E, 71.250N)
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