Hydrocarbon contents and carbon isotope composition of organic matter from holes of DSDP Legs 50 and 64, supplement to: Galimov, Erik M; Kodina, Ludmilla A (1982): Study of Organic Matter and Gases in Sedimentary Strata of the World Ocean. Moscow, Nauka, 228 pp


The book is devoted to fundamental problems of organic geochemistry of ocean sediments. It is based on materials of organic matter and gas studies in cores from DSDP Legs 50 and 64. Experimental results obtained in the Laboratory of Carbon Geochemistry (V.I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Moscow) take the main part of the book. Evolution of organic matter in specific environment of deep ocean sediments, sources of organic matter in the ocean and methods of their identification based on isotopic analysis and other methods are under discussion. Gas geochemistry in normal conditions of diagenesis, and in conditions under intense heating is studied.

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