Microbial methane dynamics in subarctic permafrost thaw lakes (Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik, Nunavik)

Samples were collected annually in August in the thermokarst lakes of Nunavik, as part as the ADAPT project (Arctic Development and Adaptation to Permafrost in Transition), measuring: (1.1) Fine scale vertical profiles of the dissolved CH4 and CO2 concentrations down the water column, and the concentrations' variance relative to the lakes' limnological characteristics; (1.2) Surface fluxes of unoxidized biogas (direct gas-trap measurements); (1.3) Spatial variability in CH4 and CO2 surface concentrations, surface fluxes and vertical profiles, including those (1.3A) between the lakes' littoral and deep zones, (1.3B) between lakes of similar limnological properties, and (1.3C) between subsets of lakes.

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Creator Warwick F. Vincent; Alex Matveev; Anna Przytulska-Bartosiewicz; Bethany Deshpande; Denis Sarrazin; Isabelle Laurion; Jérôme Comte; Paschale Noël-Bégin; Sophie Crevecoeur
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