Pleistocene and upper Pliocene sapropels in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, supplement to: Emeis, Kay-Christian; ODP Leg 107 Scientific Party (1990): Pleistocene/upper Pliocene sapropels in the Tyrrhenian Sea. In: Ittekott, V. (ed.), Facets of modern biogeochemistry: Festschrift for E.T. Degens, pp. 279-295


A most significant finding of the ODP Leg 107 drilling campaign was the recovery of at least 56 distinct sapropel intervals in upper Pliocene to Pleistocene sediments of six sites drilled in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Except for 3 repots of disturbed organic-rich sediments - recovered in Core 201 of the Swedish Deep-Sea Expedition, in Core 2R-1,107 cm of Site 373 (Leg 13 DSDP) and at Site 373, Core 1-2,O-5 cm of DSDP Leg 42A - sapropels had previously only been described from the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Scientific deep-sea drilling in the Tyrrhenian Sea during DSDP Legs 13 and 42A apparently missed most of these deposits due to spot coring and rotary drilling techniques; high sedimentation rates may have precluded recovery by conventional gravity coring devices.

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