Dissolved Organic Carbon Quantity and Quality within the Lake Hazen Watershed, Quttinirpaaq National Park, Northern Ellesmere Island, Nunavut

Data was collected during the summer (June - August) of 2015 from Lake Hazen and its glacial inputs (Blister Creek and Snow Goose River). In addition, samples were collected from a terrestrial subcatchment (permafrost seeps, wetland subsurface, small lake, ponds, and creek) that subsequently flows into Lake Hazen. Collection occurred every few days at the same location, allowing for comparison of how these environments geochemically evolve over the summer. At each site, field measurements were taken for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and electrical conductivity. Samples were collected for concentrations of DOC, dissolved inorganic carbon, total nitrogen, inorganic nitrogen species, and isotopes (water, DOC, and DIC). DOC characterization included size-exclusion chromatography, carbon to nitrogen ratios, ultra-violet and visible absorbance, and fluorescence scans. In addition, a 30-day microbial and six-day photolytic experiment was conducted to determine how DOC quantity and quality change via these two natural degradation pathways.

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