Growth of herring larvae, Clupea harengus L., under the combined effect of temperature and CO2 for a low food environment in a laboratory experiment (Kristineberg, Sweden 2013)


The present parameters for growth (length, dry weight, RNA/DNA and instantaneous growth rate) of Atlantic herring larvae, Clupea harengus L., were measured or calculated during a laboratory-based study in Kristineberg (Sweden) in 2013. The direct interaction effect of temperature and CO2 was tested at low food conditions over 32 days in four treatments resulting from the crossed design of two temperatures, 10 vs. 12°C, and two CO2 levels, ambient 400 vs. elevated 900 µatm pCO2. The data set was used to analyse growth performance of larval herring under the impact of realistic end-of-the-century CO2 concentrations at two different temperatures under low food conditions.

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