Seasonality of circumpolar tundra - ocean and atmosphere controls and effects on energy and carbon budgets

Using both satellite and in situ data sets, this project will document the seasonal (daily to monthly timescales) of the tundra and marine climate systems at a regional scale throughout the Arctic. Reanalysis data sets will be employed to describe local circulation characteristics. A pan-arctic ice-ocean model will be used to describe ocean circulation patterns relevant for tundra vegetation, with the application of statistical analyses to investigate mechanisms of ocean-atmosphere-land relationships. A vegetation change model (ArcVeg) will analyze the consequences of land temperature changes for carbon production along climate, disturbance, and soil gradients. This model will be enhanced for seasonality studies, including transition to a daily time step, and will allow the examination of effects of seasonality changes on the carbon accumulated by different functional plant types and into different plant tissue types. Update: our findings based on 1982-2008 from the Bhatt et al. (2010, Earth Interactions) paper with analysis for the period 1982-2010. 1) Fine tuned the analysis of regional trends and variability on a seasonal time scale in sea ice concentration, surface temperature and updated NDVI data. These results appeared in our Earth Interactions paper and continue to hold for the 1982-2010 period. 2) Analyzed weekly climatology, variance and trends for sea ice concentration and surface temperature for the 19 Arctic regions (regions were revised in January 2011). The same analysis was conducted for biweekly NDVI. We have analyzed decadal average seasonal curves for open water, biweekly NDVI and weekly land temperatures.

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