Long-term effects of background exposure to environmental contaminants on activity, attention and emotionality in 10-year-old Inuit children

Traditional Inuit diet is contaminated by environmental pollutants such as organochlorines, methylmercury, and lead. Prenatal exposure to such contaminants has been linked to developmental and cognitive effects in many epidemiological studies but behavioural effects have not been extensively studied. The lack of data regarding impact of environmental contaminants (ECs) on behaviour, cohort studies in progress in Nunavik represents a great opportunity to investigate these behavioural effects. So far, our results have shown that low-level prenatal Pb exposure is related to subtle change in attention level in 11 month-old Inuit children which does not persist later on in 5 year-old Inuit children, but postnatal exposure to Pb has been related to other subtle behavioural change in the domains of impulsivity, irritability and inattention. Furthermore, background exposure to PCBs in utero was found to be related to subtle behavioural changes targeting emotional outcomes in 5 year-old Inuit children. All those behavioural changes are subclinical and the study we proposed aimed at finding whether exposure to ECs still have an impact on behaviour in 10 year-old Inuit children, and whether those effects have an impact on children's day-to-day functioning. We thus proposed to analyze video recordings collected in 2008-2009, and to collect new video recordings to document more precisely the long term behavioural effects of pre- and postnatal exposure to environmental contaminants.

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