ArcticNet ice beacon GPS position and triplet arrays, 2009, Beaufort Sea


Sea ice drift data were obtained from an array of ten ice beacons and one ice mass balance buoy launched from the CCGS Amundsen in the marginal ice zone of the southern Beaufort Sea in September, 2009. From this array, four triangular configurations were selected, hereinafter referred to as triplets A to D, to monitor sea ice deformation with initial inter-beacon distances of approximately 11, 11, 11.5, and 7 km for the shortest leg, and 15, 37, 11.5, and 12.5 km for the longest leg, respectively. Triplets A to D were deployed on multiyear ice (MYI) and labeled according to their proximity to the continental coastline, with Triplet A located closest to the coastline and then sequentially further away through to Triplet D. Position coordinates were available for all beacons in: Triplet A until October 6th; Triplet B until November 4th; Triplet C until November 25th, and Triplet D until November 3rd, yielding time intervals with durations of 28, 56, 77, and 59 days, respectively.

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Creator Galley, Ryan;Babb, David;Barber, David;Geiger, Cathleen;Lukovich, Jennifer
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor University of Manitoba
Publication Year 2017
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Spatial Coverage (72N-78N,175W-136W)
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