Harvest monitoring of metal bioaccumulation at Kuujjuaraapik (Nunavik): Have levels changed 20 years after the Great Whale environmental assessment?

Twenty years ago, many measurements were taken of trace metal levels in aquatic and terrestrial wildlife near Kuujjuaraapik as part of a major environmental assessment for the Great Whale hydro-electric project. More recent information is not available for contaminant levels in locally-harvested foods, while locals have observed ecosystem changes associated with climate as well as altered marine currents from freshwater discharges of hydro-electric reservoirs into James Bay. The main objective of this community-based study is to measure current levels of metals (including mercury, cadmium and lead) in local country foods and compare them with previous measurements to monitor potential change. During this two-year project, the Sakkuk Landholding Corporation of Kuujjuaraapik will organize the collection of country foods by local hunters in both winter and summer seasons. To encourage youth participation in the project, youth will be hired to assist experienced hunters. Near the end of the second year, meetings will be held to discuss the findings with the community and explore potential options for future study. This community-based monitoring will provide relevant temporal trends information for sub-Arctic Nunavik, a region undergoing significant ecosystem change.

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