Western Yellow-billed loons: National Park Service Alaska Region Inventory & Monitoring Program

The USFWS, Migratory Bird Division, has developed and refined techniques for conducting aerial surveys of breeding Yellow-billed loons in northern Alaska. In 2005, Mallek of USFWS performed the surveys in areas of Bering Land Bridge National Preserve (BELA) and Cape Krusenstern National Monument (CAKR) where the loons breed. These surveys were repeated in 2007. The ARCN will utilize the aerial survey methodology optimized by the USFWS during their 2005 and 2007 surveys to continue biennial, long-term monitoring of Yellow-billed loons in BELA and CAKR. Joel Schmutz, a USGS research biologist studying Yello w-billed loons in Alaska, believes biennial sampling frequency is sufficient to detect populati on trends while economizing on the great expense of aerial surveys in remote areas. The survey area will include approximately 18,819.6 km2 of potential Yellow-billed loon habitat in BELA and CAKR and the Seward Peninsula.

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