Kwaliteit van de arbeid van kantoorvrouwen in de industrie 1991 Quality of labour of women in clerical jobs in industry 1991


Satisfaction of women in clerical jobs in industry with their working circumstances, environment, contents of work and career chances. branch of economy of industry, size of firm / number of men and women working at respondents department / year started working in this firm / responsible for wage earning together with partner / job has good link with education / enough possibilities for schooling / firm send respondent to a training last year / function description / contents of job, financial reward, appreciation from colleagues and executives / other persons doing the same job are men or women / gender of chief / which clerical functions in firm are more accessible for women, men / working environment: noise, heat, air, distances between departments, illumination, furniture / working situation: independence, responsibility, rapid pace, ordening of tasks, means, assistance of other people, internal and external contacts / changes in job last two years / satisfied with canteen, toilets, accessability and safety at workfloor / detailed questions about career in past and presence / working with computers, use of computers changed contents of job / employment contract, number of hours work each week / flexibility of working hours, ( being paid for ) overtime hours / satisfaction with possibilities of day nursery and paternity leave / liberties at work, discriminating or sexual jokes and remarks / special attention for position of women / participation at work / functioning of works council / presence of active unionists from "Industriebond FNV" / judgement of trade union activities. Background variables: basic characteristics/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ organizational membership

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Contributor Dr. K. Tijdens, AIAS, Universiteit van Amsterdam (depositor); Industriebond FNV * Amsterdam (research initiator)
Publication Year 2007
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