Sources of methylmercury, perfluoroalkyl substances, and polychlorinated biphenyls to ringed seal food webs of Lake Melville, Northern Labrador

Methodology: Sampling of seals and lower food web organisms (zooplankton, jellyfish, mussels, scallops) in each community is done by local harvesters and coordinated by the Nunatsiavut Government who are provided with training, sampling kits, and instructions. Hunters record GPS coordinates and biological information on each seal and are paid for each completed kit. Appropriate seal tissues are analyzed for each of the contaminants: liver and muscle samples for mercury and methylmercury; liver samples for PFASs; and blubber for PCBs. Muscle samples are also analyzed for carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes to assess seal diets. Sub-samples of liver will also be analyzed for selected biological responses in relation with contaminant concentrations. Samples are archived in freezers for use in future studies.

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