Concentration of hydrogen sulfide in waters of the Black Sea in the layer of its coexistence with oxygen, supplement to: Novoselov, A A; Sovga, E E; Fashchuk, D Ya; Khomutov, S M; Sheremet'yeva, A I (1987): Comparative evaluation of the iodometric and fluorimetric methods of determining hydrogen sulfide in the layer of its coexistence with oxygen in the Black Sea. Oceanology, 27(3), 304-307


About 100 parallel determinations of hydrogen sulfide by the volumetric and photometric methods were made in the layer of coexistence of oxygen with hydrogen sulfide (C layer). Thiosulfates were determined simultaneously. Regardless of locations of the stations, determinations by two methods coincided for the entire range of depths of occurrence of the C layer upper boundary. Within the C layer hydrogen sulfide readings obtained by these two independent methods agreed; thiosulfates were not found by direct measurements. Difference in the readings appears at the lower boundary of the C layer and below it, accompanied by appearance of thiosulfates. It is therefore concluded that it is correct to determine the upper boundary of the C layer by the iodometric method and to use concentration of hydrogen sulfide obtained by this method in the C layer to calculate rate of chemical oxidation of hydrogen sulfide in quasistationary processes.

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Creator Novoselov, A A; Sovga, E E; Fashchuk, D Ya; Khomutov, S M; Sheremet'yeva, A I
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Spatial Coverage (34.470W, 41.950S, 40.450E, 42.820N); Black Sea