2006-2019 West and East Lake CTD casts and water column chemistry, Cape Bounty, Melville Island, Nunavut

CTD casts were acquired at regular intervals and water samples were taken for chemistry and stable isotopes. Profiles were obtained with Richard Brancker Research (RBR) CTD instruments (depth, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen) repeatedly from fixed stations in the proximal and middle of the lakes. Profile frequency varies from 3-6 day intervals, with gaps in collection when ice cover is unsafe (typically late July). Samples were immediately analysed for pH and conductivity (ms/cm), field filtered and transported to Queen's University for further analysis of total organic carbon (ppm), total dissolved nitrogen (ppm), and major ionic concentrations (ppm). Sample for dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and total dissolved nitrogen (TN) were vacuum filtered using pre-combusted glass fiber filters (GF/F) and glass filtration apparatus. Samples were collected in 40 ml glass EPA vials and acidified with hydrochloric acid immediately upon return to the laboratory. DOC and TDN were determined by high temperature combustion and NDIR and chemiluminescent detection using a Shimadzu TOC-VPCH/TNM system equipped with a high sensitivity catalyst. ION Samples for dissolved inorganic ion analyses were vacuum filtered through 0.22 um polycarbonate membrane filters. Ion samples were collected in plastic scintillation vials. Water Samples run on a Dionex ICS 3000 liquid ion chromatograph system to resolve dissolved cations (Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Li+, NH4+, K+, and Sr2+) and dissolved anions (NO3-, Br-, PO4-3, SO42-, and Cl-).

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Spatial Coverage (-109.500W, 74.900S, -109.500E, 74.900N)
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