Discharge measurements in the Lucky Lake catchment, Kurungnakh Island, Lena River Delta in 2013


This dataset includes results from discharge measurements at two weirs (weir 1: 72°17'37.4N 126°09'13.1E, weir 2: 72°17'06.4N 126°11'00.2E) in the stream draining the Lucky Lake to the Lena River over the time period from 27th July, 2013 to 26th August, 2013. The weirs by Eijkelkamp are named RBC Flume 13.17.08. Both weirs were equipped with Vegapuls WL 61 radar height sensors by Vega. Vegapuls WL 61 measures in a range from 2 to 145 l s⁻¹. Accuracy of Vegapuls WL 61 is +/- 2 mm and for discharge +/- 1 to 7 %. By using the sill referenced water level (WL) in millimeter (mm) and the following equation (RBC Flume 13.17.08, Eijkelkamp): Q=0.0000004(WL)³+0.0011(WL)²+0.1358*WL-√WL+3.488 Discharge (Q) was calculated in liter per seconds (l s⁻¹). We converted the discharge into cubic meters per day (m³ d⁻¹).

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Creator Stolpmann, Lydia; Boike, Julia; Morgenstern, Anne; Eulenburg, Antje; Bornemann, Niko; Niemann, Sascha; Overduin, Pier Paul; Grosse, Guido
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Spatial Coverage (126.154W, 72.285S, 126.183E, 72.294N); Lena River Delta, Russia
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Temporal Coverage End 2013-08-26T00:00:00Z