Replication Data for: Multi-scale Measurements of Mesospheric Aerosols and Electrons During the MAXIDUSTY campaign


Contains replication data for figures in: "Multi-scale Measurements of Mesospheric Aerosols and Electrons During the MAXIDUSTY campaign" Producer: UiT The Arctic University of Norway Contact: Funding agency, Norwegian research Council, Grant number 240065.

Regarding the dust data: DUSTY probe: BP.txt contains the bottomplate current and height vector. G2.txt contains the Grid 2 current and height vectors. Ambient current is subtracted. The data can be used to reproduce all figures. Column 1 is Height in km. Column 2 is net current in nano amperes(nA).

MUDD probe: There is one file for each respective retarding potential for each respective MUDD-probe. The altitude is given in the same file, i.e. the left column gives payload altitude in meters, and the right column gives MUDD bottom plate potential in nano-Amperes. 'M1BBP_m2.txt' contains the data for MUDD-1 on MXD-1B, for retarding potential -2V ("m2"). NB: Note that this is retarding for negative particles, so that a negative potential becomes attractive.

Regarding the ELECTRON DENSITY DATA: The electron densities are presented in .CSV-files. 'ne_mnlp_MXD1' gives the in m^-3, and 'time_mnlp_MXD1' gives the time in seconds.

Regarding the RADAR DATA:

The data for the respective flights are gathered in two text-files with filename indicating the corresponding flight. The integration time was 2 minutes. The SNR data is from along the rocket trajectory. Column 1 is height in km. Column 2 is SNR 2 minutes before launch Column 3 is SNR 2 minutes after launch.

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