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Kalirai et al. have observed the globular cluster 47 Tucanae for 121 orbits using the Advanced Camera for Surveys. These extremely deep images were taken in two filters: F606W (broad V-band) and F814W (I-band). Using these observations, Kalirai et al. were able to construct one of the deepest and most complete color-magnitude diagrams of a stellar population, probing down to 30th magnitude and extending from the faintest end of the main sequence to the coolest white dwarf members. As an added bonus, members of the Small Magellanic Cloud represent background sources, and these observations are able to resolve SMC targets down to 0.2 solar masses. The team have released their stacked ACS mosaics (FITS files), source catalog (ASCII text table), and artificial source lists (ASCII text table) used for testing photometry, astrometry, and completeness, as High Level Science Products. We summarize the creation of the stacked images and generation of the catalogs below, but refer you to the original publication for complete details. All available catalogs are listed at

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PublicationYear 2018
Publisher Space Telescope Science Institute Archive