SMOS SSS L3 maps generated by CATDS CEC LOCEAN. debias V3.0

LOCEAN and ACRI-st work as Ocean Salinity Center of Expertise for CATDS (CATDS CEC-OS) in order to improve methodologies to be implemented in the future in the near real time CATDS processing chain (CATDS-CPDC). They have derived a methodology for correcting systematic SSS biases. Feedbacks from users about the quality of these new products are very welcome, as they are experimental. This third version of Level 3 SMOS SSS corrected from systematic biases uses an improved ‘de-biasing’ technique: with respect to version 2 (see a full description of the method in Boutin et al. RSE  2018), it covers the global ocean, the adjustment of the long term mean SMOS SSS in very dynamical areas, like in river plumes, and the bias correction at high latitudes have been improved. The successive evolutions of the corrections are recalled below: V3 Main evolutions: V2 + SSS natural variability varying seasonally; latitudinal bias correction applied everywhere; SSS correction at low SST; improved absolute correction Main improvements: V2 +  improved adjustment of land-sea biases close to coast; adjustment of high latitudinal biases Corresponding CATDS Near Real time products: In development (to be released soon; global ocean coverage) V2 Main evolutions: V1 + SSS natural variability varying spatially; no latitudinal bias correction outside 47S-47N Main improvements: V1 + improved land-sea contamination in very dynamic areas Reference: Boutin et al., 2018, RSE Corresponding CATDS Near Real time products: L3Q products (RE05 and real time CPDC processings; limited to 47°N-47°S) V1 Main evolutions: V0 + seasonal latitudinal correction (same SSS natural variability everywhere) Main improvements: V0+ Reduced latitudinal biases Corresponding CATDS Near Real time products: No V0 Main improvements: Reduced land-sea contamination Reference: Kolodziejczyk et al., 2016 Corresponding CATDS Near Real time products: No

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Creator Vergely, Jean-luc;Boutin, Jacqueline;Khvorostyanov, Dmitry
B2FINDVersion 2.4.0
Contact SEANOE
Discipline Not stated
PublicationYear 2018
Publisher SEANOE
Rights CC-BY-NC-ND
SpatialCoverage (90S-90N,180W-180E)
TemporalCoverage point in time : None