Acoustic recordings from an ocean glider along the continental shelf break of the Pacific Northwest USA


This dataset contains passive acoustic data files recorded from a Slocum G2 ocean glider equipped with a hydrophone and data logging system. The hydrophone was mounted on the dorsal midsection of the vehicle. The acoustic glider recorded continuously at a sample rate of 10 kHz along a 458 km long north to south traverse of the outer continental shelf break of the Pacifc Northwest USA (approximate start and endpoints 46.5N, 125W to 42.75N, 125W). The dataset also includes an html file that describes the acoustic data file format (.DAT) and a matlab file containing the glider navigation information (latitude, longitude, depth, time).

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Creator Matsumoto, Haru;Dziak, Robert;Haxel, Joseph;Meinig, Chris;Scott, Stalin
Publisher SEANOE
Publication Year 2019
Rights CC0
Contact SEANOE
Resource Type dataset
Discipline Oceanography/Marine Science
Spatial Coverage (42N-47N,125W-124W)
Temporal Coverage point in time : None