(Table 2) Presence of plant remains in sediment core GIK14973, northern Kattegat, supplement to: Blanz, Thomas (1992): Sedimentologische und sedimentphysikalische Eigenschaften holozäner Sedimentkerne aus der Alkor- und der Littorina-Tiefe / nördliches Kattegat. Meyniana, 44, 75-95


For the first time detailed physical properties were measured in addition to sedimentological parameters of near surface sediments of Kattegat channel system. This study has been accomplished on two sediment cores of different waterdepth of each Alkor-deep and Littorina-deep. The sediments of Littorina-deep, which have been dated with 210Pb-method, turned out to be surprisingly recent, with sedimentation rates up to 3,2 cm/year. Differences in physical properties lead to the assumption of lower sedimentation rates in Alkor-deep, the velocities of bottom and deepwater currents could be the cause of these differences in sedimentation rates. In Alkor-deep, the morphology runs parallel to the main direction of the bottom current. Therefore higher current velocities can be reached, which favor the erosion of fine sediment particles. Littorina-deep is located rectangular to the main direction of bottom currents. This might lead to an 'overflow' situation instead of a 'flow through'. Additonal data on minimum and maximum calcium carbonate content, which is presented in the written text, is included in table 2.

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