Tephrochronological records in two marine sediment cores from the Chilean continental margin (~41 and 41.5°S)


Supplementary material for Martínez Fontaine et al., 2021: Post–glacial tephrochronology record off the Chilean continental margin (~41° S). Including: Table S1.- Globigerina bulloides δ18O and the resulting age model for core MD07-3098 with its respective 1σ and 2σ envelopes. Table S2. Inividual glass shard analyses in core MD07-3100. Major elements not normalized‚ analyzed by EPMA‚ trace elements analyzed by LA-ICP-MS. Table S3. Inividual glass shard analyses in core MD07-3098. Major elements, not normalized, analyzed by EPMA. Table S5.- Planktonic foraminifera radiocarbon ages from core MD07-3098 and the respective marine surface reservoir age correction applied (Rs) in the calibration.

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