A East Hudson Bay Network research initiative on regional metal accumulation in the marine food web

The hunters from five communities participating in the EHBN (Sanikiluaq, Kuujjuaraapik, Inukjuak, Umiujaq, Chisasibi) are sampling coastal bioindicator species (blue mussel, sea urchin, common eider). Offshore bioindicators (ringed seal, herring gull, plankton, fish) are additionally being collected from Kuujjuaraapik and Sanikiluaq. These locally-important bioindicators will be used to characterize geographic and habitat-specific variation (coastal and offshore zones) of metal bioaccumulation in the marine food web of East Hudson Bay. Community-driven execution of biological collections as well as parallel ecosystem measurements on sea ice and water (through a separate program) will allow for more integrated research in the context of environmental change.

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Creator Heath, Joel; Arragutainaq, Lucassie; Chételat, John; Kasudluak, Annie; Kasudluak, Pauloosie; Lameboy, George; Lameboy, John; Mickpegak, Raymond; Nalukturuk, Allie
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