Dendrometer, sap flow, meteorology and soil volumetric water content measurements during a long‐term irrigation experiment in a Scots pine forest at Pfynwald, Swiss Rhone valley (2011-2017)


Within the setup of a long‐term irrigation experiment in a Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) forest at Pfynwald in the inner-Alpine Swiss Rhone valley, ecophysiological data were recorded from permanently irrigated trees, from trees cut off the irrigation after 11 years, and non-treated control trees. The data sets include continuous stem radius changes (automated point dendrometer at breast height), tree stem sap flow (Granier-type sap flow sensors at breast height), air temperature and humidity, vapour pressure deficit, net solar radiation, precipitation (tipping bucket), and volumetric soil water content (TDR and HS-sensors). The meteorological data were measured 2 m above the canopy in about 13 m height on top of a scaffold. The soil water sensors covered soil depth of up to 80 cm. Data resolution is 1 hour or higher and covers the years 2011-2017.Data as used and published in Zweifel, et al. (2020), Determinants of legacy effects in pine trees ‐ implications from an irrigation‐stop experiment. New Phytol. doi:10.1111/nph.16582

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