Geoarchaeology of Paaliq 1 Valley, Kovik Bay, Nunavik : caracterisation of winter occupation and paleogeomorphological reconstitution

Concerning extra-site approach, in order to produce a geomorphological map of Paalliq 1 valley, seven cross-sections were excavated, described and drawn. Mineral and organic material was sampled from some of these cross-sections. GPS coordinates were recorded to map the valley and to locate the cross-sections. Altitude of each point was recorded. Aerial photographs of the studied area will be acquired in order to get a better cartographic exactitude. Archaeological excavations concentrated on a multi-familial sod house (Structure 10). In addition four 50 cm square situated outside the structure were opened. The stratigraphic sections were studied, drawn and sampled for radiocarbon dating, grain size, geochemical and micromorphological analyses (nine Kubiena boxes were taken).

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Creator Barbel, Héloïse;Bhiry, Bhiry;Todisco, Dominique;Desrosiers, Pierre M.
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor Centre d'études nordiques (CEN)
Publication Year 2015
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