(Table 3, page 373) Chemical composition of manganese nodules from the Komahashi-Daini Seamount in the Northern Philippine Sea, supplement to: Usui, Akira; Takenouchi, Sukune; Shoji, Tetsuya (1976): Distribution of metal elements in manganese nodules and formation mechanism of constituent minerals, with special reference to nodules from the Komahashi-Daini Seamount. Mining Geology, Society of Mining Geologists of Japan, 26(6), 371-384


Petrological, mineralogical and chemical investigations of marine manganese nodules from the West Pacific revealed the intimate relation between the chemical and mineral compositions and the remarkable preferential partitioning of metal elements in the ferromanganese minerals. The microscopic observations of textures of manganese nodules tell the growth history of manganese nodules and the formation conditions of ferromanganese minerals. Chemical compositions of nodules from Komahashi-Daini Seamount are very similar to those of the nodules from marginal banks and seamounts. Compositional variations in the bulk composition of nodules collected from the same dredge haul are considerably small, suggesting the similarity of the growth history of individual nodules, although the contents of metal elements vary remarkably from layer to layer in a single nodule.

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