Seawater physico-chemical parameters through the incubation of developing embryos of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus).


Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) eggs were incubated under different temperatures and CO2 concentrations to test the effects of these drivers on embryonic development.Water temperatures were recorded automatically every 15 min by a multi-channel aquarium computer (IKS-Aquastar, IKS Systems, Germany). The PCO2 of the reservoir tanks was measured in situ prior to every second water exchange with an infrared PCO2 probe (Vaisala GM70; Vaisala, Finland). pH-values of the reservoir tanks were measured daily with a lab-grade pH-electrode to three decimal places (Mettler Toledo InLab Routine Pt 1000 with temperature compensation, Mettler Toledo, Switzerland), which was connected to a WTW 3310 pH-meter. A two-point calibration with NBS-buffers was performed before each measurement. To convert NBS to the free proton concentration scale for seawater pH, the electrode was recalibrated with Tris-HCl seawater buffers, acclimated to the corresponding incubation temperature.

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