Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment (BREA) Marine Fishes Project - Fishes, Habitats, and Ecosystem Linkages to Oil and Gas Development in the Beaufort Sea

During August and early September, 2012 and 2013, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Arctic Aquatic Research Division, led the first assessment of offshore marine fishes and habitats in the Canadian Beaufort Sea. The primary objectives of the field campaign were to collect baseline data on the diversity, distributions, and relative abundances of offshore marine fishes, their prey, and associated habitat parameters (e.g., water-mass structure, sediment parameters). In 2012, sampling was focused on the Canadian Beaufort Shelf and continental slope at predetermined depth stations (20-40, 75, 200, 350, 500, 750 and 1000m) along four primary transects. Station sampling typically included 7 primary components: oceanography, primary productivity, zooplankton, sediment, infauna, epifauna, and benthic fishing. Separate from station sampling, all transects were run for hydroacoustic sampling to detect aggregations of marine fishes and other biota in the water column. Acoustic targets were echo-validated using fishing equipment and plankton nets, with concurrent collection of oceanographic data. In 2013, the same sampling approach was applied in Amundsen Gulf (five transects, 20-500m depth), along the 20m isobaths nearshore from Cape Bathurst to Tuktoyaktuk (5 stations), and in the transboundary area straddling the Yukon-Alaska border (three transects, 20-1000m depth). Supplementary station sampling was conducted to enhance the regional study design (e.g., deep sampling to 1500m) and/or when logistics dictated a departure from planned activities. A sub-set of stations from the 2012 season were re-sampled in 2013 to assess interannual variability of biotic communities and habitats. Data will be used to gain insight into the linkages and couplings (e.g., trophic patterns) within and among offshore habitats as well as to establish the functional relationships within and among deepwater slope, shelf and coastal benthic and pelagic sub-ecosystems in the Beaufort Sea.

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