IR spectra of 5 brown dwarfs with Gemini North IRS (Miles+, 2020)

We obtained observations of WISE0313, UGPSJ0722, WISE2056, and WISE1541 over the course of a year at Gemini North (Programs GN-2016B-Q-23, GN-2017A-Q-5, GN-2017A-Q-32) using the Gemini near-infrared spectrograph (GNIRS). R~370. These observations are complementary to the M-band spectra of WISE0855 published in Skemer+, 2016ApJ...826L..17S.

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Creator Miles B.E., Skemer A.J.I., Morley C.V., Marley M.S., Fortney J.J., Allers K.N., Faherty J.K., Geballe T.R., Visscher C., Schneider A.C., Lupu R., Freedman R.S., Bjoraker G.L.
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Publication Year 2021
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