NGC 300 MUSE spectroscopy for central fields (Roth+, 2018)

Observations were made with the multi unit spectroscopic explorer instrument (MUSE), which is placed at the Nasmyth focus of the UT4 8.2m telescope at the Very Large Telescope observatory (VLT) of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile. NGC 300 was observed as part of guaranteed time observations of the MUSE instrument-building consortium during the three periods P93, P94, and P95. We present a catalog of luminous stars, rare stars such as WR, and other emission line stars, carbon stars, symbiotic star candidates, PNe, HII regions, SNR, giant shells, peculiar diffuse and filamentary emission line objects, and background galaxies, along with their spectra.

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Creator Roth, M.M., Sandin, C., Kamann, S., Husser T.-O., Weilbacher P.M., Monreal-Ibero A., Bacon R., den Brok M., Dreizler S., Kelz A., Marino R.A., Steinmetz M.
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Publication Year 2020
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