GEMS-GLORI world river discharge database

The GEMS-GLORI register, circulated by UNEP for review in 1996, lists 555 world major rivers discharging to oceans (Q > 10 km3/year, or A > 10 000 km2, or sediment discharge > 5Mt/year, or basin population >5M people). Up to 48 river attributes are listed, including major ions and nutrients (C, N, P) in both dissolved, particulate, organic and inorganic forms. For many rivers, two or three sets of data are provided with relevant periods of records and references. Although half of the selected rivers are not yet documented for water quality, most of the first 40 rivers are well described (Irrawady, Zambezi, Ogooue, Magdalena, are noted exceptions). Altogether about 10 000 individual data from 500 references are listed. The global coverage in terms of river discharge and/or drainage area ranges from 40 to 67% for most major water quality attributes but drops to 25% for some organic and/or particulate forms of N and P. Planned development of the register includes collection of information on particulate chemistry and data on endorheic rivers and selected tributaries.

The river discharge database was digitized and archived on request of the EU-project CARBOOCEAN.Values in columns show corresponding number starting with publication year as listed in the Annex XIII "Alphabetical list of references", see hdl:10013/epic.34684.d009.

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