Carbonate and Thorium concentrations of South Atlantic sediments, supplement to: Goldberg, Edward D; Griffin, John J (1964): Sedimentation rates and mineralogy in the South Atlantic. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 69(20), 4293-4309


Rates of sedimentation of pelagic sediments in the South Atlantic have been determined using the ionium/thorium methodology. Values of the order of several millimeters per thousand years for sediments were found in the deposits in the valleys of the mid-Atlantic ridge. The equatorial deposits showed higher rates of accumulation than the corresponding deposits at higher latitudes, probably reflecting the added influx of materials to the sea floor from tropical rivers through the equatorial current systems. The deposits in the ridge valleys showed marked changes in sedimentation rates at about 115,000 years ago, at which time the present rates changed from higher to lower values. The ridge sediments were composed primarily of continentally derived materials, and there were no indications of solid phases being derived from the weathering of the ridge itself or from volcanic activity. The equatorial samples have mineral assemblages which are distinctly different from those in deposits at higher latitudes and which probably are indicative of contributions of materials from tropical weathering processes.

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